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September 21, 2016

Hit the Road: A Kickstarter

Life in britain is pretty terrible for refugees, so a group of students from Aberdeen have decided purchase a huge palace for them to stay static in. The "Comrades of Glen", as they call by themselves - people in Aberdeen University's "Shared earth community" - plan to boost £6 million on a crowd financing website to get an old Scottish manor to use as a refuge for asylum seekers, and a base for activism. "Refugee Castle" appeared on IndieGoGo two times ago looking to, "change the lives of hundreds, ideally a large number of refugees that denied basic rights in the present system, also [have] lots of fun playing around on our palace reasons."

The palace they truly are thinking of buying boasts of 38 bedrooms. You will find more than several individual houses in the land, a course, three tennis process of law, a swimming pool, a boathouse with accessibility Loch Rannoch, an assault training course and its particular hydroelectric substation. Based on the brochure the property goes to 1347 and Dall home, the palace, "was built-in 1855 because the brand new chair of the Robertson Clan, whose name and extensive lands had been gifted to them by King Robert the Bruce, because of their solution to him within the Scottish Wars of Independence."

Overall it seems much nicer than the locations refugees in the UK will end up in. Those lucky to not get taken to an asylum detention elimination center are kept in limbo, not allowed to work under Uk law and counting on meagre state handouts, whilst everyday facing the chance to be deported. Numerous stay in this uncertain circumstance consistently before discovering whether they can stay. We called up Darroch through the promotion for more information on the immigrant palace program.

a bed room in the castle

VICE: Hello Darroch, so just why would you like to set-up a refugee palace?
Darroch: you will find a few reasons why it's taking place. The very first is just kind of searching round online at locations to call home 1 day and I saw this spot and I also mentioned it to my buddies. We got talking about just how one individual should not actually be permitted that kind of location to stay, you realize, and take-up that much room hence many sources hence much land. Which particular location is earmarked before as being sort of a billionaire's paradise - a holiday resort for billionaires, therefore we thought that there's surely got to be a significantly better use because of it. One of our pals began speaking about refugees who'ren't able to work or claim benefits, so we type of thought that would-be a good create for a cooperative. We run some cooperatives in Aberdeen and so they've already been actually effective so we thought the palace would-be an ideal location for the cooperative model to your workplace. So we believed, "let's give it a go."

Yeah we are actually also doing that in Aberdeen right now, setting up a student household in the centre associated with the town. Yeah, it's more than feasible.

So it isn't a tale? You are not just wanting to troll the aristocracy?
No, no. We certainly don't believe so. Oahu is the type of thing that will take place, or you can at the very least get many individuals speaking about it therefore whatever the outcome is, it's a result. Truly there is a very sort of nice paradox in castle for people. But additionally, there are practical explanations. You will find 38 bedrooms therefore it is got space to make an impact to many people.

Comrades associated with Glenn

So that the castle has 38 bed rooms many outhouses. Exactly what else does it have?
There's a hydroelectric substation. It surely could possibly be energy self-sufficient, i believe. While it absolutely wasn't, that might be some thing we would consider, making use of wind or solar power. There's an army assault course, that is odd but i assume a fun move to make. You will find a lot of outhouses, games keeper's lodgings and a whole bunch of land.

Can there be a moat?
I'm not sure.

Simply how much land are there?
I don't know. It is a large estate situated between Abbymore and Perth, therefore it is a huge chunk associated with highlands.

The view over Loch Rannoch through the Estate

Just how might you get individuals fund this? As well as crowdsourcing, will you anyone in particular asking for money?
Not really. We're wishing individuals will view it and pick up on it and it'll capture people's imaginations and we hope that they give a little bit of money and also make it take place.

Used to do hear about that. But to tell the truth, it wasn't a direct reaction to that. There is really a detention centre, a big facility that houses refugees and asylum seekers not too not even close to Firth and contains surprising circumstances. It is a prison - a holding camp - and it's really a thing that is on our minds and it is another bit of social injustice in a Britain that keeps getting decidedly more unjust you understand.

Does your group have any experience using refugees or asylum hunters?
Yeah. You will find people in our group have actually various voluntary knowledge and some private knowledge. Additionally a lot of people within extensive families do.

What is your viewpoint as to how refugees tend to be addressed within country right now?
There are many xenophobia and lots of racism therefore we note that only getting more plus interest and more and more supporters with functions like UKIP. As far as asylum seekers and refugees get, not in a position to work or claim advantages, it simply leaves the most vulnerable group of people worldwide in an even more vulnerable place, truly needing to turn to things such as begging and merely lacking enough cash. That's a scandal and that shouldn't be occurring. Together with power to assist men and women because position is based on communities and not communities that exist, but communities that can be setup, such as the one that we are imagining.

Are you experiencing any help from other teams?
There's a tremendously healthier base of campaigners in Aberdeen who're all very excited about this project. We put this out and lots of folks inside the university and a lot of individuals in Aberdeen and Glasgow as well are picking it up and there's been a very good reaction.

In the event that you really raised £6 million and bought the castle, exactly how can you operate it?
The item is to run it as cheaply and sustainably as you are able to. As the sustainable is usually the most affordable method. We would probably need to rely on contributions for a long period but we would be looking to make that land work with us, to produced our very own meals and energy. That's probably anything we would need plan more.


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