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February 28, 2017

Student Radicals Are

The KingThe huge palace features moving drawbridge, gate, and catapult elements.

The King is regarded as seven minifigures one of them ready.

Beat the Dragon Soldiers within the last battle in the King's Castle!

Safeguard the King and his people from the Dragon Soldiers on King's Castle! Fire the catapult, lower the drawbridge, enhance the gate, and lead the cost with all the fearless White Knight on his armoured horse. End the Dragon Soldiers before they normally use the life-threatening battering-ram and catapult tool.

This great standard castle design functions towers, a cell, the King's throne, the knights' table, a moveable staircase, a secret escape home, and more. The set comes with seven minifigures with tools and add-ons: the King, the White Knight, two King's soldiers and three Dragon Soldiers.

The King's Castle playset, area of the LEGO Castle range, is preferred for children aged 7 to 12 many years and functions an overall total of 996 pieces. Customise and create your own modular castle, then push the battering-ram to fire the catapult. Weapons include a spiked mace, three swords, an axe, a crossbow, and a bow with quiver; accessories consist of two shields and a treasure chest. You can even combine the King's Castle with 70402: The result for an even more awesome model!

70404: King's Castle

Build and protect the King's Castle with seven minifigures, battering ram, tons of functions, as well as the courageous White Knight with fully armoured horse!

Product immediately:
  • Suggested ages: 7 to 12 many years
  • Components in playset: 996
  • Minifigures included: 7
  • Size (H x W x D): 28 x 35 x 33 cm
  • Batteries needed: none

1 x King's Castle playset
1 x The King minifigure
1 x White Knight minifigure
2 x King's troops minifigures


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