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Self build homes Scotland

August 1, 2015

Prefabricated Timber Homes

modern solitary storey house with accent illuminationA dazzling light-filled contemporary property – packed with interesting curves and perspectives – set into a secluded former walled garden in Fife and featuring plenty of floor-to-ceiling glazing.

An off-the-peg residence, uniquely customised towards the owners’ requirements and especially suited to south-facing plots like theirs. The design keeps service zones on north and living rooms south to help make the the majority of the sunlight and passive solar power gain for warmth.

A unpretentious design in a wonderful location, this home the most energy-efficient in Scotland — yet ended up being developed to a small budget of £123, 000.

A well-insulated home incorporating a great deal of renewable technologies, all built to glance at one aided by the environments and take-in the stunning views.

A modernist, single storey house which takes benefit of passive solar gain and creates an efficient family home.

a wood framework cabin in the Isle of Skye, built for just £125, 00, shows just how modern design can stay easily within a rural setting.

This astonishingly gorgeous residence is designed around its views, however, it is not just to be enjoyed from inside, as exterior is a masterclass in producing an aesthetically striking house that doesn't impose it self on its surroundings. Also, the continuing future of your home was carefully considered and low energy lifestyle embraced so the home plays its part eco.

A new few have actually was able to fit a well-designed home filled with light into a 40m² impact — all just for £59, 000.

This certainly lasting home is built using as much locally sourced materials as you possibly can. The house, which will be in addition off grid, in reality generates more energy then it uses and nourishes the excess electrical energy into the nationwide Grid.

Constructed on a sloping web site, atop a flow, in an area with heavy preparation constraints, and for a budget of just £200, 000, this house reveals how masterful design can overcome almost any hurdle.

With a minimal lying roofing and make use of of all-natural materials, these residents have created a self built home that will be light and stylish on the inside, but combinations into the landscape.


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