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Scotland House Auctions

December 30, 2015

18 Schoolhill, Leuchars

first time purchaser home ratesThe home market in Scotland works in a different way to many other components of the united kingdom. In the one hand, it helps you save from gazumping and gazundering - but it addittionally suggests making a commitment in the beginning.

How it operates

You give a guide price towards the estate representative

Properties are sold for a specific period – usually two to three days. During this time period, potential buyers can see the home as many times as they fancy.

Interested functions place their particular offers – often above a guide price – in an envelope and present it toward property representative at a specific time and date. When the deadline is passed, the envelopes tend to be established to reveal the best bidder.

The pros


In Scotland, you avoid specific nasty shocks

The theory is that, gazumping may be avoided. And where you can find three or more keen buyers, a sealed quote will save you time, difficulty and money, presuming it’s all carried out in good faith. No body needs to get swept up in the long-winded provide and counter-offer process.

Property sale signs in Hastings, East SussexIt’s great for buyers as they realize owner isn't going to sell before the certain time, so that they don’t feel hurried into putting in their particular offer. And when you aren't around to look at a residential property immediately, you still won’t miss out on the chance to get it.

It’s additionally good-for sellers as they begin to manage to identify the buyer most suitable for them.

The disadvantages

You have to hope the estate agent's honest

It’S not all cut and dried. Vendors don’t constantly go with the greatest provide and will communicate with a “losing” bidder with ready cash or no chain included. Plus it all hangs regarding honesty of agents to keep offers secret.

As a purchaser you might really turn out to be required into spending a greater cost when it comes to home to ensure you win the offer. There are also allegations of agents making sure residential property developers win deals in return for a cut of this profit.

Sealed estimates have no appropriate standing therefore expected champions can still be gazumped. However, you can find improvements which will help make the process less problematic.


Sealed estimates will come and get with respect to the state of this market. They become way more prevalent when there is a supply problem or if perhaps the home is unusual and representatives tend to be uncertain how to amount it. It really is about the sort of residence involved plus the demand for that home.

As an example, in a spot in which there's a member of family shortage of a particular residential property – including in a town where there is certainly a big demand for household houses but there are mainly flats available – you obtain a scenario in which the family members houses head to sealed estimates rather than the flats.

Seven actions to help you seal a price

Let the ISA provider look after it

  1. Get finances organised before you make a provide to move quickly when you decide you intend to bid from the property.
  2. Learn how lots of people tend to be bidding against you – it can help you decide simply how much to bid given that even more in-demand the property, the more it is likely to bring.
  3. Be sure you describe your purchasing position completely inside quote, emphasising the positive points – eg not enough a sequence or if you’re a money purchaser.
  4. Seek to bid only a little higher than the competition, therefore you typically need certainly to bid above the asking price.
  5. Don’t bid a curved figure – test a strange quantity (like £200, 101) in order to avoid a wrap along with other bidders which will obviously complicate and extend the process.
  6. Remember that you may only get one chance to make your provide, so invest the most you really can afford – if you should be nevertheless unsuccessful at the very least you will know that you did all that you might.
  7. And remember, in the event that you desperately desire the house, even when your quote fails it is possible to go-back and negotiate with the seller since the winning bid is certainly not legally binding.

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Scotland - Blair House and Gardens, Dalry, Ayrshire
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