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May 25, 2015


Curt DiCamillo

We sat down with Curt to go over his interest in country homes, Scottish record and more.

Can you tell us the reason why you started the DiCamillo Companion?

As I love to tell people, I happened to be a strange kid. Whenever I was five I remember asking Santa Claus for a purple book on reputation for the British monarchy (I had somehow determined that purple ended up being the royal shade). My moms and dads, demonstrably thinking this is a passing phase, got myself a purple book for Christmas time, nonetheless it had been Pinocchio! I becamen’t deterred – I became progressively enthusiastic about everything Brit. In my teenagers I thought I would come to be an architect, which is why, when I ended up being 17, I happened to be so taken once I was given Mark Girouard’s Historic homes of Britain as something special. That book changed my life. We became enthusiastic about these houses, taking trips to Britain annually to see them.The nationwide Trust's Basildon Park contains a lot of Downton Abbey's interiors. Given that years went by, we understood that there was no extensive set of all country homes of Britain ever before built, standing or demolished, and so I began a database to do exactly that! This database fundamentally morphed into the internet site of today, with listings of over 7, 200 homes.

What’s one nationwide Trust property you want more folks went to?

I do believe Basildon Park in Berkshire is a divine classical household that way too many Us americans don’t learn about. It had been Netherfield when you look at the 2005 theatrical creation of Pride and Prejudice and had been used for the interiors of Grantham home, the Crawleys’ London home, in Downton Abbey. And, best for we People in the us, among the better interiors from the residence were eliminated and reinstalled in the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC since the Basildon Room.

HudsonsWhat’s your chosen anecdote you’ve run into when researching for DiCamillo Companion?

I will be particularly intrigued because of the finding for the derivation of things. Therefore, finding that air ended up being discovered at a country household (Bowood House in Wiltshire), or the game of badminton was created at Badminton House in Gloucestershire, or that there actually was a Mother Hubbard and she had been the housekeeper at Kitley in Devon in the early nineteenth century.

In which could you begin if you were an English country residence enthusiast whom performedn’t know much about Scottish homes? Exactly what would you read? In which could you see?

I might get started by joining the nationwide Trust for Scotland because they get the best houses! But I’d additionally purchase a duplicate of Hudson’s Historic Houses & Gardens (which Royal Oak people will get at a unique cost), an annual publication that details almost all the country houses in the united kingdom which are available to the general public. This book is a goody – wherever you open it there is something intriguing and beautiful.


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