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Property Searches Scotland

August 17, 2016

TM Group responds to the Land

sample Application RecordYou can search our registers for details of:

  • property ownership
  • rights and circumstances
  • title plans

If you're enquiring about land or a house with no postal address, send us a map or plan determining it. The program should be to scale and show nearby roads or any other buildings. Attach this towards finished ownership search.

Land Join of Scotland

The Land enroll is a plans-based register of games. Properties into the register have actually a title sheet and name program guaranteed in full by the condition. The subject sheet describes the home level from the Ordnance study map and includes:

  • details of price
  • present proprietors
  • home loan details
  • any problems influencing the home

Since 2003, we've been tracking all home product sales and transferring information from Sasine join on the Land enter. In the event that land or residential property you check into is in the Land Register, we will send you a duplicate of title sheet.

Example Title PlanIf you can find pending programs, we'll deliver a copy associated with application record for the title. In which the application is being subscribed for the first time, we are going to issue a copy associated with the application record, given that subject sheet and subject program wont however happen created.


Here are a few samples of Land enter serp's. Click on the logo for additional explanations. These samples do not mirror present data.

Application record

Title sheet

Title plan

The overall Join of Sasines

Also known as the Sasine join, this is an archive of residential property deeds. Considering that the 1890s, properties in Sasine Register experienced search sheet numbers.

The search sheet listings transactions affecting properties chronologically. Although the Sasine join isn't plans-based, some deeds do have plans. Search sheets provide:

  • a description of home
  • deed details
  • owners' brands
  • cost paid
  • recording dates

Here are a few examples of Sasine join search results. Click on the symbolization for additional explanations. These examples never mirror current information.


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